Production Notes from "Kitty Cat Comes To Town"

"Casting Cats"

Our frolicking Feline “Stars” were courteously cast by our local island pet salon, “Groomingdales”. “Oksana" was a boatyard dumpster rescue whilst we were filming, and her co-star, “Genghis” was anxious to jump at the roll after being abandoned inside drywall for the early days of his life.  It was a pleasure to work with the actors, as their cat-like reflexes and street cunning left little for direction.  Gladly, both talents have been adopted since the film wrapped and are residing in happy homes.

"Even with Backups, There are Set Backs"

As your film tries to finalize to enter a local film festival, you have vigorously backed up all your film’s media on multiple backup systems, and you have backed up your computer system, but there are still set backs. To take your studio’s main production computer into the ‘shop’ for diagnostic will take three days before it will "get to the bench”. Thus meaning it will be shelved for 3 non-productive days. Only to find out the estimate was stronger than anticipated. Then the resource for rescue turns to the local IT guru, who has since last seen, taken solace in a side business of a fresh produce company. Our production finally continued after a total of a two week delay, a film fest missed deadline, and a very large bouquet of collards.